Mystic Revolution is a Reggae group founded in 1988 by the singer Ras Ti Lang from Bois Marchand, Terre Rouge, Mauritius. At that time the group had 8 members and was called Evo8.

After the death of Ras Ti Lang in 2003, the band regrouped with drummer Roger Gopee and Ivan, who recruited youth from the ghetto and taught them Reggae and Seggae. This new group was called Evolution featuring bassist Darian LaBavarde, singer Supa Sane, Marion Jonathan on keyboards, with Josee & Gary LaBavarde, Jean Francois and Christopher. Their album called “Pe fer Semblan” came out in 2008 in Reunion Island and played across the Indian Ocean. The group became known as Mystic Evolution. They began working on a second album, which was slow due to lack of finances.

In 2013, Congo Israel joined the group as lead singer and they began playing concerts like the 24h Reggae festival in Mare d’Australia, Mauritius. In 2014 they performed at the Seggae festival at George 5 stadium and in 2015 they continued in small music halls and fancy fairs across the island.

In the following years, they worked on their album with Congo Israel and released a single in December 2017 called “Cry no More”, with sound engineer Israel Rinaldo from Paris.

On December 8th 2018, the group performed live at the VWAYAZ AR MWA concert at the GREEN VILLAGE, Coteau Raffin, Mauritius and in the beginning of 2019, they released 2 more singles entitled “Jah is my Everything” and “Moris” to announce the release of their new album “More Love”, scheduled for August 2019.

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