Seggae Music sources from the Mauritian ghettos with the uprising of Rastafari culture in the 80’s.
A crazy idea to mix the traditional Indian Ocean Sega with the Caribbean Reggae Sega is the music that was played during slavery by the populations of Madagascar and Mozambique. It is played in a 6/8 ryhthm and it tells the story of the daily life of an islander. Often oppressed by the Colonial authorities, the Sega is preserved through the rebellious Africans or “Maroons”. They live in the mountains and maintain the Malagasy traditions. They are the first freedom fighters of this area of the world. Then Sega becoming “island-folk” lost its core element of rebellion. So the singer KAYA took inspiration from the “maroons” ideology by bringing “Seggae Music” as a phylosophical expression of the struggle of the ghetto youth. A new breath for Indian Ocean music. SEGGAE, THE MIX OF REGGAE & SEGA
THE MUSICAL ESSENCE OF RASTA CULTURE It is through their music that the rasta community got accepted in the Mauritian Society. But things change when the authorities Jails Kaya, the “Seggae-Man”, that is now a local star. He is found dead in his prison cell the next day.
The riots of February 99; the mainstream public realises the importance of Seggae Music.
Kaya becomes a martyr. The country goes into riots. Choc and violence take over.
Once the heat of the riots comes down, the calm is back. The “Seggae” ideology spreads through the island. Kaya’s texts become cult & the artist is more popular than ever before.
Nowadays Lucky Monkey comes to entertain the radios and parties with the good news. Even tho oppressed, Seggae maintained it’s core identity alive throughout the Indian Ocean and continues to influence many artists. The main objective is to preserve and spread the legacy of Seggae and creole music. Lucky Monkey is a project of production and distribution of conscious music as it is perceived in the Indian Ocean. An authentic and lively collection of commited music in Mauritian creole.

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