The fairy godfather:

Evan Sohun

Illustrator extraordinaire, he fully endorses the festival and is responsible for the amazing visuals representing its spirit.

Liberty Trail

Around the Morne mountain, starting at L’Embrasure’s hunting camp, two routes are possible: 10 kms or 20 kms.
Rs 50 per registration donated to ADM

Fun run/Fun walk

Through Le Petit Morne a no pressure 4 kms path for any nature enthusiast willing to help ADM association.

only accessible to children over 6 years old

Registration on the spot: Rs 250 donated to ADM

Fancy fair at Le Morne Village

Creation of a “no to plastic” sculpture


Kartel, Zenfants The Embrace, Rafiki


Enn losean vivab: manufacturing instruments with waste to raise awareness about pollution caused by plastic.
Caroline D’Unienville: Making rockets or jellyfish with recycled material
Ninja: initiation to Kite-Surf
Kerja: initiation to sailing


Our Link

Brief: Realm of memories… Realm of the present… Realm of beyond

In the natural setting of Le Morne, the spectacle suggests the throes of the Mauritian past, the fluctuations of our time and the hope of the future.The world of remembrance, animated with scenes evoking slavery and its history. A modern and structured scenography, costumes made of simple raw materials, protagonists without concessions, and no stereotypes or reductive clichés.

The world of today-The thousands of faces of Mauritius are represented in a crescendo of body movements and progressively more intense ballet.
The world of tomorrow- In a dazzling whirlwind of dance with an even more frantic tempo, a future of freedom and unit of which Mauritius would be the emblematic ambassador.

The show is choreographed and directed by Omada. For the occasion, the Mauritian company invited a dancer-choreographer from Réunion, David Fonteneau. Most of the dancers will be Mauritian professionals, accompanied by a few students from the Le Studio dance school, located in Beau Plan, Pamplemousses and the children of Le Morne Village for the opening and the finale.

Omada Dance Company

Founded in 2008, Omada is an art and entertainment company that works to train Mauritian dancers.

Omada offers customized spectacles and concepts, adapted to a place or an event. It draws its creative energy from the expertise and technique of its artists as well as the originality of the mix of influences that combine contemporary art and Mauritian inspiration.
For the past 10 years, Omada has been actively contributing to the contribution of performing arts in Mauritius from an artistic point of view using the creation of concepts and performances involving multidisciplinary artists (dance, sound, lights, audiovisuals, etc.). Everything is designed to create an animated picture with a striking visual and strong emotional impact. Omada is directed by Cécile Gonzales.

Cécile Gonzalez

Artistic Director

She was born in Cameroon in 1981, to a Mauritian mother and a French father. After an atypical childhood in Africa she kept a link to the land with dance.
Cécile went to the Conservatoire National de Metz at the age of 13 where she won a gold medal in contemporary dance in 2000. The following year she landed the first prize of perfection of contemporary dance at the National Conservatory in Lyon. The following years were focused on enriching her career until her return to Mauritius in 2010. Today she directs both OMADA and “LE STUDIO” school of dance full time. Cécile continues her work, evolution and artistic collaborations.


Sega tipik, from acoustics to fusion

They said yes 


Earth From Above
by Yann Arthus-Bertrand

Pictures to build awareness around the challenges our planet’s situation and need for a an ecological consciousness towards sustainable living; 10 years in the works for 3 000 flight hours.


Food court, local and traditional cuisine
Made in le Morne Village

Ephemeral Art Gallery by Wallart
Evan Sohun (artistic godfather of Nou le morne 2018) ∙ Brigitte Aberland ∙ Simon Back ∙ Odette Bombardier ∙ Keivan Cadinouche ∙ Mario Guillot ∙ Chloe Ip ∙ Brian Lamoureux ∙ Patrick Laverdant ∙ Kendy Mangra ∙ Deanna de Marigny ∙ Olivier Vignaud …

ADM space: discover the NGO
an NGO for a shared future

Local Craft Market/Expo with Pop up store : Esafodaz , The Straws, Brabant ,
Jalsa Bamboo, Belline, Judex …